At Zonegreen we think long-term. We know we can succeed only if our customers and partners succeed. Please see below some of their comments:

“Safety comes first at Chiltern Railways and Zonegreen’s Depot Personnel Protection System is helping us achieve that at Banbury.” Matthew Prosser, Chiltern’s Engineering Director

“Delivering a safe working environment for employees across all of our train maintenance centres is a top priority for Hitachi Rail and Zonegreen’s systems help us put safety first. Innovation is at the core of how we work and this technology brings to life one of our most fundamental company values.” Ross Cunningham – Head of Property and Construction for Hitachi


“Zonegreen’s cloud technology has transformed our maintenance management process. It is important to share and disseminate maintenance data to different locations in a convenient way and the Zonegreen software enables users with various levels of access to log in from anywhere” Francesco Fidanza – Fleet Operations Manager at Alstom

“Zonegreen’s DPPS™ system ensures the safety of our staff when carrying out electric multiple unit (EMU) maintenance in this large, very busy depot. Its knowledgeable team has been easy to work with, despite the geographic distance and has provided our staff with excellent training”Brendon Jones – Fleet Performance and Reliability Manager at CAF New Zealand

“We really needed some way to ensure that all our staff were safe while moving trains in and out of the depot. We needed to ensure secure access to electrified areas and to improve performance in the maintenance process. Zonegreen’s SMART DPPS™ was the only solution we found” Andy Bunyan – Depot Project Manager at Eurostar

 “Zonegreen’s SMART DPPS™ is well known for its realiability – a reputation that is well deserved. Rolling Stock maintenance is buisness critical for Siemens and the Zonegreen system gives us the confidence to work in hazardous environments, knowing our personnel safety is in good hands” Head of infraestructure projects at Siemens

“We are using the world’s most advanced state of the art technology that guarantees the highest standards and excellence in the safety, reliability, efficiency and punctuality of the Metro service” Director of Rail Maintenance Department – RTA Dubai

“I’ve worked with the SMART DPPS™ in several depots in the UK.  Zonegreen delivers state of the art solutions such that, when working for KiwiRail here in New Zealand there was only one choice to be had, to choose Zonegreen” Former Design Engineer at Kiwi Rail

“Zonegreen has always looked after us, in an scale from 1 to 10  Zonegreen staff gets a 10.  The customer support team is very helpful and I am very happy with the services that I have received” Mike Barrett – First Great Western

“Zonegreen’s SMART DPPS™ has been a reliable and robust piece of kit. All Zonegreen admin staff are helpful and the engineering department’s technical knowledge and support is of a very high standard” Dane Blackman – Depot Manager at Hitachi