Remote Powered Derailer

The unique and ultra-safe Zonegreen Powered Derailer has received Network Rail approval, authorising the product to be used on railway infrastructure that Network Rail is the manager of .

The product represents a leap forward in derailer assembly technology, and is thought to be completely unique in the market. It builds on Zonegreen’s previous model, which is used widely on rail track across the UK.

quote-leftWe’ve redesigned and simplified the electronics and mechanical components – which also considerably reduces costsquote-right

The derailer actuator is sealed to an Ingress Protection Rating (IP) of 66 which means that it is completely dust-tight and is protected against high pressure water jetting from any direction. Furthermore, its operational temperature range is between -40OC and +60OC, enough to protect it from the harshest variations of climate anywhere in the world. As a result, temporary flooding and extreme weather conditions pose no threat to its safe operation.

Total reliability of the derailer is assured following a rigorous testing programme that has simulated five years of continuous usage which has been carried out during the past two years. Zonegreen’s engineers have produced a piece of cutting-edge equipment that will ensure the absolute safety of depot staff from injury caused by moving trains.

Contact us to obtain further details of Zonegreen’s Depot Protection System.

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