SMART Depot Personnel Protection System (DPPS™)

Global market leaders in Railway Depot Personnel Protection Systems

Points Converter

Allowing the automation and remote operation of manual hand points/switches

Advanced Interlocking Solutions

Electronic and mechanical interlocking with OLE, third rail & vehicle movements

Maintenance Packages

Zonegreen products are built to last. Our “Safety by Design” approach enhances the whole life-cycle of our products, which is complemented by our comprehensive maintenance packages

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Our team of expert engineers develop a wide range of innovative software, hardware and cloud computing depot protection solutions.

Zonegreen Case Studies


Zonegreen has an array of talented engineers and a track record of excellent project management, successfully delivering projects around the world.


At Zonegreen we think long-term. We know we can succeed only if our customers and partners succeed. Read their comments here.


Zonegreen invests considerably in Research & Development both to create new products and enhance our existing range.

Companies who use Zonegreen technologies…