“A complete Zonegreen electronic depot personnel protection system is installed to provide security for anyone working on top of a vehicle. The gates to all access steps and gantries are interlocked so it is impossible for a fitter to enter a danger zone while the overhead line is energised.”

Advanced safety system installed at Shield’s Depot

Zonegreen has played a key safety role in the construction of Glasgow’s new Shields Depot, which has become the first in Scotland to employ Zonegreen’s state-of-the-art SMART DPPS™ Depot Personnel Protection System.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     from siemens.com

As part of ScotRail’s £24 million depot construction project, Zonegreen has worked with Siemens Mobility to install the system on the depot’s four single ended roads, the wheel lathe road and – in a first for Zonegreen – on the undercarriage wash facility.

The SMART DPPS™ equipment – which includes a Remote Entrance Panel, beacons, klaxon and powered derailer – is linked via a network cable to a PC in the depot manager’s office, enabling him to see status information at a glance. The system uses minimal electrical connections and vastly reduced cabling; there is no master controller, and a fault on one road will not affect the operation of the others.

Zonegreen’s team of research engineers and scientists design leading-edge rail safety products which are compatible with equipment manufactured by third parties.

Many of our products are based on Lonworks which is an open standard explained Technical Director Christian Fletcher. This mean that we can we can more simply connected and install the DPPS and also for to connect to third part equipment and exchange important operating information. Much of this information is displayed on our depot overview screen installed within the control room and this allow real time coordination of activities.

We see this as a great strength which, in the case of the Shields Depot project, has made it possible for our standard DPPS to interface with, for example, the undercarriage wash facility and the Bogey Drop. We also have the more traditional key based interlocks for the crane hoists and high level walkways interlocking with the OHLE.

• Zonegreen’s SMART DPPS™ is now installed at the vast majority of new UK traincare depots as well as a growing number of depots worldwide.