Delivering complete depot protection through the implementation of intelligent technologies. Protecting rail depot personnel from dangerous environments in a safe and productive manner.

Zonegreen has established an unrivalled reputation for quality, safety and reliability

Zonegreen Limited

Zonegreen is part of the Sentric group, which consists of three additional sister companies – Kirk in the US, Castell in the UK and STI in France. Sentric group produces uncompromising safety solutions for businesses whose people and equipment operate in harsh and safety critical environments.

We believe there is no place for compromise when it comes to ensuring safety in harsh and safety-critical work environments.

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Quality, Safety & Reliability

Zonegreen’s team of expert engineers are dedicated to providing cutting-edge rail depot safety systems. By developing long-term working relationships with our clients, we ensure our products consistently meet the demands of a rapidly changing industry.

With more than 20 years’ experience and the consistently high standards of its products, Zonegreen has established an unrivalled reputation for quality, safety and reliability. It enjoys succesful relationships with customers across the globe, who value Zonegreen’s commitment to developing products that are innovative yet built to last. Our products and services are recognised to the highest international standards.


Zonegreen is industry recognised as RISQS audited and ISO 9001:2015 certified – the global standard for quality management systems, developed and published by the International Organisation for Standardisation.

Zonegreen’s solutions complement our clients’ operations without unnecessary, expensive and time-consuming procedures.