December 2017

The interface with the Tiffenbach signalling system means Zonegreen’s Depot Personnel Protection System (DPPS™) improves operations by eliminating the stop/start entrance and exit procedure experienced by most facilities at the point where signalling ends and depot protection begins.

The interface utilises a slotting arrangement, where the DPPS provides a slot to the signalling system when it is safe for a train movement to take place. When staff log on to  the DPPS prior to starting work the slot is removed preventing the signalling system from setting a route on to the road that personnel are working.

Christian Fletcher, Zonegreen’s technical director, said: “Linking depot protection and signalling is a relatively new thing, but demand is high among new build projects, as the system offers a much smoother means of moving vehicles, without compromising safety. Having worked with Fenix, the UK representative for Tiefenback depot signalling, on a number of projects, we have now developed a standard interface with their equipment which is fully proven in application.”