Zonegreen has fitted its New Generation Depot Personnel Protection System (DPPSTM) to four roads in a new maintenance shed at Newton Heath depot, Manchester as part of a £20 million extension. Working with Stobart Rail, Zonegreen has implemented a replica safety system to the one in the depot’s original 10-road facility, which was installed 5 years ago.

Powered derailers have been fitted onto each of the 4 roads in the shed to provide physical protection for personnel. These are operated by road end control panels that staff log on to with electronic, personalised datakeys to create safe zones in which to work. Zonegreen’s Depot Manager has been installed and liked to the existing facility to record all maintenance activity in both sheds.

Interlocking technology has also been installed to control the operation of two cranes and an engine drop table, preventing vehicle movements if any of them are out of their safe position.