Zonegreen’s Depot Personnel Protection System (DPPS) has been installed on Road 14 at Norwich Crown Point Depot as part of the ongoing £40 million upgrade. Continuing to working with contractors, Taylor Woodrow and depot operator, Abellio Greater Anglia, Zonegreen have now finished work on Road 14. This follows the completion of the first phase of the project with Roads 16 & 17 being fitted with DPPS.

 Physical protection for staff working on the double ended road, is provided through the use of a derailer at the Yarmouth Road and a wheel stop at the Norwich end of the shed. Two road end panels (REPs) have been installed; staff log onto these to operate the system with personalised, electronic datakeys and to create safe zones to work in. Beacons and klaxons have been fitted to provide both audible and visual warnings of a vehicle movement.

Outbound vehicle movements are controlled by a signalling interface that allows trains to be routed out of the depot without the inconvenience of time consuming stop starts. Only when no personnel are logged onto the DPPS and the interlocks are in a safe position, can an outbound route be set.

Zonegreen’s Depot Manager has been installed; displaying the status of DPPS and logging a permanent record of all activity of the road.