Zonegreen’s Depot Personnel Protection System (DPPSTM) has been installed on a two road shed that forms part of the new £8.4 million Nexus Learning Centre in South Shields. Working alongside Metro operator Nexus, Zonegreen’s system will contribute towards helping to ready staff for a life in a Metro maintenance facility.

Physical protection for staff working on the two roads is provided by powered wheel stops. Two road end panels have been fitted; personalised, electronic datakeys are used by staff to log on to the panels and operate the system. This creates safe zones for staff to work in and eliminates the margin for human error.

Zonegreen’s interlocking technology has been installed on the access gates on high level gantries to protect staff from the dangers of working alongside the overhead line (OHLE). Only when the OHLE’s have been earthed, can the access gates be opened to allow staff entry.