In both locations Zonegreen’s technology was specified by Siemens, who is a keen advocate of DPPS™ and installs it in the majority of its depots. The system is an easy to use, cost effective method of protecting staff and infrastructure; allowing personnel to work safely whilst improving the operations of the depots.

As well as protecting staff on the 14 shed roads, 2 wheel lathes and 2 underframe carriage wash roads across both of the facilities, Zonegreen have also installed over 15km of protection for the combined depots the 21 sidings roads. Personnel working on the sidings are protected via an interface with the signalling system. When beginning work on one of the sidings road, staff log on to the DPPSTM which removes the slot from the signalling system, preventing a route being set onto that road. When all staff have completed work and have logged off the DPPSTM the signalling system is free to set routes onto the road. Visual warnings that a route has been set are provided via a series of warning beacons which flash to indicate that the road is open for vehicle movements.