Zonegreen has equipped South Western Railway’s Wimbledon Traincare Depot with the flagship Depot Personnel Protection System (DPPS) to protect staff from train movements on five double ended roads and two single ended roads.

Zonegreen has installed Network Rail-approved derailers to provide physical protection to staff. They are linked to RFID control panels that record where personnel are working and prevent train movements until the road is clear. Existing warning beacons and klaxons were integrated into the system to give audible and visual warnings of vehicles being repositioned. The depot remained fully operational whilst the new technology was installed, replacing the existing obsolete safety system.

DPPS is linked to Zonegreen’s Depot Manager SCADA suite, which gives a graphical overview of the safety system and full traceability, as all maintenance activity is logged. The whole system has been independently certified to meet both the hardware and software requirements of SIL 2 and uses intuitive technology to make it easier to maintain, modify and expand, extending the lifetime of the product.