October 2015 Rail safety specialist, Zonegreen, is marking a milestone moment in its history, as the 1,000th order of its depot protection equipment prepares to leave the firm’s Sheffield headquarters.


September 2014 Sheffield-based Zonegreen has received recognition for its technological expertise and high quality performance from one of the world’s largest rail industry companies.

High Demand for Innovative safety solutions

Safety is of critical importance to the rail industry as a whole, from senior management downwards. However, it can also be good for business. Sheffield-based rail safety expert Zonegreen says the demand for innovative safety solutions is helping drive the company’s product expansion in the UK and abroad.

Whiteboards written off

The UK’s rail networks are getting busier. This is reflected in increasing activity levels within depots, in turn placing increasing burdens on depot staff and existing infrastructure. Improving productivity and efficiency are therefore key to reducing these pressures and to the continued successful operation of rail depots across the country.

Rail Safety Summit – Railway Depot and Workshop Safety

Written by Colin Wheeler: Zonegreen Technical Director Christian Fletcher, focusses on providing safer working in train maintenance depots. He is responsible for developing equipment to protect their workforce from train movements. He listed the hazards as train movements, and traction power supplies, both overhead and third rail.

Zonegreen wins safety contract in Australia

UK-based Zonegreen has been awarded a contract in Australia to supply its SMART Depot Personnel Protection System in partnership with Australian firm Andrew Engineering.

Views from Shields Traincare Depot

“A complete Zonegreen electronic depot personnel protection system is installed to provide security for anyone working on top of a vehicle. The gates to all access steps and gantries are interlocked so it is impossible for a fitter to enter a danger zone while the overhead line is energised.”

Keeping Dubai Metro up and running

Dubai Metro News: “We are using the world’s most advanced state of the art technologies that guarantees the highest standards and excellence in the safety, reliability, efficiency and punctuality of the Metro service” The maintenance and cleaning staff work at night when the Metro service is stopped and the trains start moving to the depots […]

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Zonegreen is delighted to be celebrating their 2,000th landmark order.
#depotprotection #zonegreen #railsafety #personnelprotection

Designed to increase safety, the @zonegreen Points Converter allows the automation and remote operation of manual hand points, switches and rail road crossings. #Zonegreen #Railway #Depot #RailSafety #DepotProtection

Zonegreen’s DPPS™ offers fundamental advantages to conventional control systems, in particular, reliability, flexibility, expandability and resilence to single point of failure. @zonegreen #Railway #Depot #RailSafety #DepotProtection #Zonegreen

Zonegreen’s team of expert engineers are dedicated to providing cutting-edge rail depot safety systems. @zonegreen #Railway #Depot #RailSafety #DepotProtection #Zonegreen

Excited to announce the third Austrian depot who’s staff are now being protected by our DPPS.

Zonegreen completes the installation of it's Depot Personnel Protection System (DPPS) at Newton Heath depot #depotprotection #railsafety #personnelprotection #dpps

Celebrating Australian #railsafetyweek with a reminder that protecting maintenance depot staff is essential #railsafety #depotprotection #rail4sme #DPPS

Zonegreen's Depot Personnel Protection System (DPPS) delivers essential protection to rail depot staff working across the UK and worldwide.
#depotprotection #dpps #railsafety #personnelprotection

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