Zonegreen’s Depot Manager SCADA software provides a graphical overview of the status of the SMART DPPS, which displays key information to make operations quicker and easier to implement, ensures safety systems are used at all times and offers comprehensive traceability of operations in the depot.

Using a convenient Windows format, Depot Manager can be configured to:

  • Display the location of personnel.
  • Provide a graphical overview of the DPPS
  • Allow remote fault diagnostics
  • Option of having multiple slave depot managers
  • Record all aspects of depot protection.
  • Display status of plant and equipment.
  • Authorisation of remote movements on the DPPS.

The innovative software provides a complete overview of the depot, on a plasma screen from the supervisor’s office, considerably increasing depot efficiency by monitoring, planning and analysing data. It can also be linked to other equipment, such as lifting jacks, bogie drops, Train I.D. readers, train washes and wheel lathes.

Depot Manager displays the status of machinery on a large plan view of the depot and identifies the location of workers and the position of each road. Events are logged automatically, including user and vehicle movement, to give accurate information that is readily accessible should an incident occur. The remote move function enables train movements to be controlled from the supervisor’s office, allowing shunt signal aspects to be changed and warning beacons to be initiated when it is safe to do so. If a worker is logged on to work on a road however, train movements are blocked until they have confirmed that the area is clear.

This is a particularly useful function for controlling sidings movements.

Zonegreen’s DPPSTM Video, which demonstrates the Depot Manager Software in use, can be viewed above .