Cost-effective train maintenance planning

… multi-user, web-based graphical task planning application replacing traditional whiteboard

The planning of train maintenance operations is still commonly conducted on a big whiteboard located in the operations control room, on which the train units that require servicing, maintenance tasks, arrival and departure times are listed. These are updated manually either in a tabular form or on top of a graphical layout representing a bird’s eye view of the depot.

Zonegreen’s Operator Planning Suite, as a multi-user, web-based graphical task planning application, is a cost-effective replacement of the whiteboard. It consists of two main views: a graphical layout representing the depot on which users can position trains and create and assign maintenance tasks, and a tabular layout to plan trains’ scheduled arrivals and departures.

It provides up to the minute information on any train in the depot including:

  • Train ID
  • Expected arrival and departure times
  • Type of maintenance required
  • Time of arrival of next day’s trains

Operator Planning Suite – A web-based replacement for the whiteboard

The Zonegreen OPS is web-based and therefore instantly transmits all information to any whiteboard screen in the depot or elsewhere.

The OPS train maintenance planning tool allows staff to:

  • Easily visualise train locations in graphical layout
  • Accurately update and synchronise maintenance information
  • Share and disseminate maintenance information to different locations in a convenient way
  • Capture maintenance activities and generate reports, reducing the manual tasks of filling in maintenance forms and paperwork

Watch a short introduction of OPS or contact our sales team for more information.