Requirements for rail depot obstacle detection

The ‘Out of Gauge’ Warning System ensures that there is no gauge obstruction threatened by vehicles leaving a rail depot such as:

  • Access panels left open
  • Lift brackets/equipment
  • Broken CET fuelling hoses
  • Collision damage

The Skirt Detector is a unique product and a genuine step forward in ‘intelligent’ rail safety technology

Side skirt obstacle detection is designed to offer:

  • Protection on multiple roads
  • Visual warning provided on the depot exit roads
  • Control room warnings

The innovative system works by using a low power red laser diode to detect the distance to the side of the vehicle. If the sensor detects any kind of obstruction, for example an open side skirt, it will trigger an alert on the outbound visual warning board and illuminate a driver warning stop board on the rail depot exit road. The stop signs will remain illuminated until the warning is reset via the master keyswitch.

The ‘Skirt Detector’ Warning System is flexible and has a range of programmable options, such as a delayed response to help prevent the triggering of false alerts. It may also be expanded to cover the entire side area of the vehicle using a multiple sensor arrangement.

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