April 2019

Zonegreen is providing advanced technology for the Crown Point rail depot in Norwich, UK, designed to prevent accidents and offer protection to staff.

As part of a £40m refurbishment of the Norfolk facility, the rail safety specialist is installing its flagship Depot Personnel Protection System™ (DPPS) on six maintenance roads.

Crown Point is undergoing a series of extensions and upgrades to accommodate 58 new bi-mode Stadler trains that have lowered floors to make them more accessible to passengers. This means components such as the transmitting and air conditioning units are on the roof and high-level gantries are required for staff to carry out maintenance work. Consequently, Zonegreen’s technology is vital protection for personnel against the electrified overhead lines.

Working with contractors, Taylor Woodrow and depot operator, Abellio Greater Anglia, the firm has now completed phase one of the project, fitting roads 16 and 17 with DPPS to prevent injuries associated with train movements. Interlocking solutions have also been installed to eliminate the risks from overhead lines.

DPPS combines powered derailers, road end panels, as well as visual and audible warnings to protect personnel. The system is operated via electronic datakeys with varying authorisation levels that allow the user to create safe zones in which staff are working. It is linked to Zonegreen’s Depot Manager software that displays key information to make operations quicker and easier to implement and offers comprehensive traceability.

DPPS Derailer – Norwich Crown Point

On roads 16 and 17 at Crown Point, the gantry gates are interlocked with DPPS, preventing access to high-level areas until the overhead line has been isolated and earthed through a key operated panel. Fume extraction equipment and a crane on road 16 are also interfaced with the system, ensuring neither can be operated whilst the overhead line is live and inhibiting train movements until they are in a safe position.

Zonegreen’s technical director Christian Fletcher said: “We are very pleased to be working alongside Taylor Woodrow as we continue to install DPPS at Crown Point. As the depot remains operational, our technology is already benefitting staff and we are looking forward to returning soon to begin the next phase.”